How Do I Surrender?

Learn How to Let Go of Control and Begin Allowing Your Life to Unfold Naturally

Your Spiritual Journey Is like a Three-Part Archaeological Expedition to Uncover the Treasure Within

Dear Awakening Soul,

I’d like to help you answer the question, How Do I Surrender? I’ve put together a series of complimentary videos to answer this question, including a guided experience so you can add to your tools for surrender in your life.

Video 1: How Do I Surrender? with Ken Stone, Soul Archaeologist and Internationally Recognized Teacher and Healer

Your spiritual journey is like a three-part archaeological expedition to uncover the treasure deep inside.

The components of this expedition are:

  • Throw Out The Map: Let go of control.
  • Excavate Your Soul: Connect to the truth within.
  • Keep Digging: Continue with the journey each day.

The perspective change that results from mastery of these three steps is often referred to as enlightenment.

I’ve outlined these three components in the video series starting on this page, and expanded on the question “How Do I Surrender?” To check out the second video: Throw Out the Map, just follow this link.

How Do I Surrender?

Everything you seek, is available inside you right now. Only you can give yourself what you seek. And to get what you seek, to find it inside of you, requires you to do nothing. Only that you surrender.

What you seek: Unconditional love, connection, safety, peace, and joy are all available at a base inner level. When you are in alignment at your base inner level, it’s reflected in your outer world and you experience a fulfilling, abundant, love filled, meaningful and significant life.  The outer flows from the inner. You have the inner within you right now – even if you’ve never experienced it before. Knowing this is not enough to affect a change in your perspective and begin your transformation.

You must also experience it in your body. When you do, you will have the experience of being a whole un-distorted extension of the Divine all of the time. What before was fleeting and rare will become your complete experience of your life.

  • Surrender is not an act of violence or submission. It is letting go of the illusion of control and separation.
  • In my experience, surrender is not something you think your way through. You do it. I will guide you through an experience of surrender in the third video.
  • Too many get caught on the side of what I refer to as spiritual narcissism. That is, they think: “I can control everything and I am at the center” with no allowance for the Divine or God. Paradoxically, when we surrender to the Divine, we open ourselves up to the experience of our infinite nature.
  • Surrender is not a function of belief or religion. Anyone can surrender.
  • Please substitute the name by which you refer to the nameless as you read and listen to my words. I may say ‘God’ or ‘Divine’ whereas you may be more comfortable with ‘Buddha’ — ‘Jesus’ — ‘Allah’ — ‘Mohammad’ — ‘Krishna’ — ‘Pachamama’ — “Nature’ — ‘The One’ — ‘The Universe’ — or something else.

Are you ready to transform through surrender? Is the pain and suffering so great that you are ready to give up the illusion that you are in charge and separate from the Divine, that you can control your life and move it to a good experience, physically, emotionally, spiritually by your own force of will? I invite you to watch a series of videos that I’ve put together for you, to help you experience surrender. The complete series of videos is complimentary and there’s no need to share your name or email to view. The video above will get you started immediately.

There’s only so much to say about this process. You already know all of this. What is missing is your experience of it, not your knowledge of it. You are already awake with your knowing. Now it’s time awake fully with experience.

If you aren’t yet ready, I understand. There is no rushing that moment. No one could have pushed me towards these moments in my own life. Others tried and failed. I had to drive myself there through my own process, my own journey. The pain and suffering had to be greater than I was willing to deal with — not what someone else was willing for me to deal with. And others seeing my glory, my greatness, was not enough for me to throw in the towel and surrender. I had to get there on my own, in my own time. When I was ready to Throw Out the Map, the door was there for me to step through — just as it will be when you are ready.

We are all on our own journey. Yours is beautiful in its perfection. Just as mine has been beautiful in its painful, overwhelming, and frustrating perfection. And when I was ready, there was a door for me to step through. As I have and continue to, so can you.

I honor your path, your journey, and your beauty.

With Love and Peace,

Ken Stone, Soul Archaeologist and Internationally Recognized Teacher and Healer

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